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Weston Trojan Youth Football and Cheer (WTYFC) started February 2012, to meet the needs of Weston youth and families and create programs that connect the youth and high school football and cheer teams.  WTYFC joined Fairfield County Youth Football and Cheer (FCFL) to stay logistically within Fairfield County and to have influence over the league program rules, for example, to implement special rules for safety, increased minimum play etc.   WTYF&C is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization currently representing approximately 200 Weston families.  We internally fund any and all scholarship requests because our focus in on the boys and girls. 
Since 2012 and bringing football and cheer back to Weston, we've grown to over 150 football players (tackle and the new flag program), and around 80 cheerleaders.  Beyond the sheer participation "numbers" has been the fantastic Weston spirit that has come to life on the school campus with all of the cheerleaders and football players in Weston uniforms cheering "Go Weston!" 
In 2014, WTYFC families and the organization were significant contributors towards putting lighting on Stadium Field.  Now tackle practices can be well lit and on the turf field.  In addition, this gave us opportunities for youth night games playing under the lights.
WTYFC's Tackle Football Program ("Football") begins in grade 4, with practices and home games at Weston Stadium Field.  Teams are grade-based and require at a minimum 15-20 players per grade,.  Pre-season generally starts the 3rd week of August, with practices 5 times a week for the first two weeks after which they drop off to 3 times a week.  Player positions are limited by weight, and each player is to get at a minimum, 12 plays per player before the start of the fourth quarter.
WTYFC's Flag Football Program ("Flag") is for grades 1-4.   The objective is to keep it simple and fun:  one practice a week for an hour starting after Labor Day, and one game every Saturday morning at a consistent time and venue.   We partner with Westport PAL to ensure the boys get to play different teams every week.  Teams are a mix of first and second graders and then third and fourth graders, ideally 10-12 per team.  
WTYFC Cheer Program ("Cheer") is sideline cheer, meaning that all teams cheer at football games once a week, and perfect a half-time routine incorporating some dance, and limited stunting appropriate for the field.  Cheer Mini's for grades 1-2 practice once a week starting after Labor Day and cheer for the Saturday morning Flag teams.  Grades 3-8  begin practices generally the third week in August.  Grades 3-5 are focused on sideline cheer, but start to incorporate more dance, stunting, and gymnastics in their half-time routine.